Profesor Asistente, ESE Business School

Director de Investigación, ESE Business School

Director Remlab 


Área de Interés

Dirección Financiera y Economía Urbana



¿Quién es?

Soy profesor asistente en la ESE Business School, donde también soy director académico del Real Estate Modeling Lab ( Obtuve mi doctorado en la Haas Business School de la Universidad de Berkeley. Antes de incorporarme al ESE, pasé dos años en el cuerpo docente del Departamento de Finanzas de la Universidad de Tulane.

Mis intereses de investigación se sitúan en la intersección de las finanzas y la economía urbana.


  • 2017 UC Berkeley
    Phd Business Administration / Berkeley, USA.
  • 2013 UC Berkeley
    Msc. in Business Administration / Berkeley, USA.
  • 2009 Universidad de Chile
    Msc. Applied Economics / Santiago, Chile
    B.A. Industrial Engineering / Santiago, Chile

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  • “Agglomeration, knowledge spillovers, and corporate investment ” with William Grieser, Ioannis Spyridopoulos and Gonzalo Maturana, Journal of Corporate Finance 2022 
  • “The importance of Large Shocks to Return Predictability” with Juan Diaz, Hamilton Galindo ,Alexis Montecinos and Diogo Duarte, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal 2021

Working Papers

  • “On the Geography of Inequality: Labor Sorting and Place-Based Policies in General Equilibrium” (R&R) Spatial Economic Analysis
  • “Do political Parties Matter for Municipal Finances? Evidence from Property Reassessments and Estate Taxes” with Felipe Aldunate and Cristobal Diaz (R&R) 
  • “Playing Checkers in Chinatown” with Jose Antonio Espin-Sanchez 
  • “Estimating the Information Component in Switching Costs: A Structural Approach” with Sheisha Kulkarni and Gonzalo Iberti
  • “Seat Belts or Statements, Which Loan Regulation Benefit Whom?” with Sheisha Kulkarni and Gonzalo Iberti
  • “Price Comparison Tools in Consumer Credit Markets” with Erik Berwart, Sean Higgins and Sheisha Kulkarni 
  • “Labor Market Effects of Deleting Delinquencies” with Jordan Nickerson and Gonzalo Maturana 
  • “The Social Geography of Corporate Misconduct” with Matias Braun and Ercos Valdivieso 

Selected Work in Progress

  • “Public Bank Lending During a Financial Crisis” with Gonzalo Iberti
  • “Labor Matching in Cities” with Yoonha Kim 
  • “Spillover effects on ESG” with Matias Braun, Vicente Corral and Claudio Raddatz